36,000mAh Solar Charger

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  • 36000mAh High Capacity Solar Power Bank: The solar power bank has a built-in 36000mAh battery. This is a great choice for Camping, Hiking, Climbing, and Fishing! The high-capacity wireless power bank can support enough power for your emergence use. The power bank has the power indicator function. make sure you know battery power anywhere anytime.
  • Durable & Safe: The solar charger is made of durable ABS+PC material and a Silicone plug. Protect it from rain, dirt, and shock. The power bank has short circuit protection, over-discharging protection, and over-charging protection function.
  • Wireless Charging & Triple Output Port: The Solar charge power bank has a wireless function. The power bank is compatible with most wireless charger-enabled devices. Built-in dual USB output & Type-C output with 5V/3A allows for 4 devices to charge at once. It is compatible with the iphone, iPad, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.
  • Flashlight Function & 8 Bright LED Light with SOS Model: The portable solar power bank has abuilt-in LED flashlight on the bottom and it has a hook on the top, With the carabiner, it can be hung on a backpack. The Flashlight is a great choice for outdoor use. It can use as an emergency solution with the SOS Model. A useful tool for outdoor and urgent situations. 

Customer Reviews

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Great product!

Bought this for a weekend camping trip and this did amazingly well. The light feature came in handy at night, it's pretty bright and didn't drain the battery as quickly as I expected. The solar feature is great and super useful in the outdoors. Just set it and forget it and when you need a charge you've got a dense battery pack ready to go. Love wireless charge feature and it's super convenient to have multiple ports for other devises to charge at the same time.

Convenient and Durable

This is a very durable and powerful charger that is great for camping or power outage emergencies. Pros: It can be charged via the sun or usb. It is a rugged and well built device. It has Qi wireless charging capabilities. It has a flashlight... This definitely checks all the boxes for a charging device that you can depend on. The cons: it is heavy, and it does take a while to fully charge, but once charged it will supply you with multiple charges for all of your devices. Overall this is a great addition to any camping or emergency kit. I would definitely purchase again.

Must Have Emergency Battery

The flashlight function alone makes this a great purchase, it is seriously blindingly bright. The back of the battery is a solar panel and works really well to charge the battery when youre not able to charge it from your house. It's pretty big so I think it's easiest to toss it in your backpack/car/rv and use it when you want to charge up your phone. Not the type of thing you carry around. But that said, it's definitely not so big/heavy that you couldnt take it to a sporting event or day at the carnival/sightseeing where you're going to be using your electronics heavily and will require multiple charges throughout the day. It comes with a micro usb cable so make sure you don't forget the cable for your device. However, it does have wireless charging in case you don't want to deal with that.

Strong and durable power bank

This is a very strong and durable charger, I can definitely tell that this is intended for outdoor adventures like hiking. The ON indicator is very convenient and easy to see. There is a protective flap over the charging inputs so that no dust can get into it when not in use. Nice grip on the sides so that the power bank won't slip, even if wet (it's rainproof!). It makes sense that this charger isn't as portable as to be able to fit inside your pocket; it's more convenient to hold it in your backpack. But it makes up for it with the number of ports it has. Looking forward to using this product as I venture to the outdoors :)

Great charger

Overall it's a great charger and the solar charging is a bonus if needed. I was able to charge 3 devices at the same time via SUB cable. I was not able to test the solar charging function due to cloudy skies in my area; it needs direct sunlight to charge. I like the flashlight option, it's definitely a plus. I will add this to my road trip emergency kit.