Pet Water Bottle - Blue - 19 oz

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  • No Water Waste: Unused water can go back into the container easily by pressing the water key.
  • Leak-Proof: Silica gel seal ring plus lock key design make sure the pet water bottle doesn't leak at all. 
  • Durable & Safe: The portable dog water bottle is made of high-quality food-grade material.
  • Easy to use: One hand operation, press water key to fill water, release to stop water, very easy to feed your pet with our water bottle for dogs.


Customer Reviews

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Very convenient!

Works great! My puppy loves it.. great to bring on walks.

HIGHLY recommend this bottle!

It arrived a day earlier than expected, and came in a sturdy box. The color and shape were exactly as advertised. I got it in pink and everything was the same as the photos. It's very easy to use - just press the button and tilt forward, and water comes out almost like a small waterfall. If your dog doesn't finish what's in the bowl, simply press the button and tilt back, and the water will flow back into the bottle. There are a few drops that won't go in but that isn't a problem at all. The 'stop' button wasn't 100% effective, but the water doesn't leak regardless. The bottle is made of thick, study plastic that seems to combat some of the heat from outside. It was absolutely perfect for my 6 lb Chihuahua. I HIGHLY recommend this bottle!**If you found this review useful, please hit the "helpful" button**

Satisfied with product

Item was just as described. It’s perfect for a pet on-the-go. It eliminates the need for a water bottle and separate bowl since it is built in. It is also mess free because of the design that allows the excess water to go back in to the bottle. The lock button prevents drips as well.

Great product but limited capacity - love it!

I love the convenience of this water bottle. I've tried many different ones over the years and this is the best one. I like the bowl portion because it's large enough for my dog to drink from without being cramped. It's great that unused water can go back into the container. The only negative is that the bottle is small.. Mine only holds 10 ounces which is fine for a small dog on short walks but for a large dog it seems to me it wouldn't work too well. I love that this bottle fits in the cup holder in the car; it also fits in my purse! I do recommend - keeping the previous comments in mind.

Smart Design and Large Size

I purchased this for a 15 hour road trip with two 8 week old puppies. When it first arrived I thought it was too large (the puppies were 5 lbs each) but this has been perfect! I love the way the water goes BACK into the bottle of the dog/puppies don’t finish the water. For a road trip, this is excellent. It also fits in a cup holder (we have a Honda Civic) perfect, which is also great for travel. Since the road trip, I take it in the car with us every time we go out, and also on walks, it has a handy wrist strap for walks which is nice.My puppy knows what it is for now and licks it when he is thirsty. I also have stuck it in the dishwasher on the top wrack multiple times and it’s come out ok! At first I thought it was a little pricey for a doggie bottle, but I would buy it again! It’s been that great of a bottle!