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  • Must-Have Survival Gear Kit: 18 in 1 professional emergency survival kit! Contains: Compass, Survival knife, Wire Saw, Water Bottle Clip, Emergency Blanket, Flintstone, Scraper, Flashlight, Credit Card Knife, Pen, Whistle, Mini Light, Carabiner, and Black Waterproof Box.
  • High-Quality Cold Steel: Cold steel knife for cutting; 3 mode flashlight for bringing enough light; dual-tube whistle for attracting attention by producing volume up to 120 DB; wire saw for cutting wood or bone; multi-function pliers; thermal blanket for retaining 90% of body heat; there is also a bottle buckle, fire starter, carabiner, paracord bracelet, compass, pen for emergency situations.
  • Lightweight & Convenient: Easy To Carry with its mini size. Dimensions are 6.3 X 4.3 X 1.9 Inches and Weight 1.4 Pounds. This Extremely Useful Kit Can be Placed in a Backpack, Car, Drawers, Pocket, or Pouch, or Securely Attached With the Included Ranger Band to your belt, Rucksack Strap, Climbing Gear, or Mountain Bike.


Customer Reviews

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Excited son

My son is going to be so excited to get this survival kit. He is always digging things out of our camping gear to explore or bring hiking with us. I don’t like when my gear goes missing in his room so we both will appreciate him having his own supplies. He now has everything I have and more! It really is amazing how much they fit into this compact carrying case. It is the perfect size to fit into a weekend or day pack. He has been learning how to use things like the flint and steel in his colonial studies at school to start fires. The next time we go camping I have no doubt he will be testing all this gear out. Everything feels like really good quality. They are certainly as good as many of the things I have bought individually like the fire starter, survival bracelet, compass and tactical pen to keep in my car. He will be really happy about the knife since he lost his on our last camping trip. Hopefully the carrying case ensures that he is able to keep track of everything. I’m really happy with this kit for the price. It is a great assortment and has some things I never even knew might be handy. I think I might need a wire saw for myself now.

great for the outdoors-men

Gave this to a friend for his birthday that camps all the time, and I mean really camps. He loves to string a hammock and sleep in the woods. He packs everything in so this seemed perfect. I did open it and look at it . It is packed really well in a tight but functional waterproof container. He did open it and thought is was simply perfect, we went through the times and he could not believe how many items and how useful they would be to him if needed. He loved it and is recommending to his friends.

Excellent portable kit with huge variety of tools!

I purchased this kit as a Christmas gift for my husband, who is very handy and a big fan of the survival show “SOS”. The kit came packed with all kinds of super-useful tools that are exactly the kind of items Creek Stewart recommends on “SOS”, in a small light-weight shell that is easy to store and carry. My husband was particularly taken with the para-cord multi-tool—something you could quickly clip on to your wrist or bag on your way out. Our only criticism, which is somewhat minor, is that the case can be hard to repack since the items do not have designated spots inside it. You have to just stack everything in and close the case quickly. Other than that minor design flaw, this is a great purchase!

Comes with everything needed

This survival kit comes with everything needed for those just in case moments. The case that everything comes in is hard case and can be left in a car or anywhere else and not have to worry about it breaking. Compact for easy carrying and can fit in a hiking back pack without taking up much space. The knife it came with is already sharp so no need to sharpen it. The compass that it comes with is in working condition, tested this out with a cell phone compass. Haven't had to use this but if I did, it comes with everything I would need to survive.

perfect for hiking

This is great to have for long hikes but also in emergency situations. It has all the most important survival items including two fire starters, cutting tool, whistles, two flashlights, mylar blanket all in a waterproof hard case. Quality seems really good. I'm pleased with this item.