Pet Water Bottle - Blue - 12 oz

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  • Health & Safe: Our pet water Bottle is made in Food Grade Silica gel and plastic. 
  • One-hand operation: Single hand press water key to fill water, release to stop the water. Water that cannot be drunk out can be turned back into the cup.
  • Leak-Proof: Silica gel seal ring plus lock key design make sure the pet water bottle doesn't leak at all. 
  • Bottle with Filter device: This dog bottle bowl has a built-in filter device, which protects dogs from large particles of impurities in water.
  • Portable & Convenient: This Dog Water Bottle is great for walking and traveling with your dog, a removable rope can be attached to your backpack, hands, pet crate, stroller, or car. Very simple and convenient!

Customer Reviews

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A must have !!!

This portable water bottle for my dog was great to have while we traveled. No spills! When I thought my dog wanted water, but really he didn’t, it was so easy to put the water back into the bottle. I would highly recommend this bottle. It’s great to take to the dog park too. I’m going to buy more for gifts for new puppies. A must have!!!

It works and she likes it!

We had something similar but the unused water did not return to the bottle if our dog didn’t finish it, and there was no filter. This one has a button to press so the water your doggie does not drink can flow back into the bottle. The neck of the bottle is also wide enough to put in some ice cubes - -also not possible with our old one. Great for walks, the beach, and car trips. Our dog drank from this on the first attempt, which was unexpected. We keep it in the fridge ready to go, with our own water bottles.

Perfect for long outings.

My puppy loves it. So convenient when out and about.

Good for walks around the block

What sets this waterer apart from others is you don't have to suck the slobber water back into the bottle. The wrist strap is attached to the top of the bowl so it hangs nicely, either from a hook or your arm, (the first brand we ordered has the strap attached in the middle, this one is better.) It shows that it comes with a filter, it does not. We thought it just wasn't included so we ordered a replacement. It came without one as well. There is a holder for a charcoal filter, but the filter itself is not included. Over all this is a nice bottle, thick plastic. The only complaint is it only holds about 8oz.

Best purchase ever

This is so great for my little dog!